When you get a Blank Screen when you log in to your account then don’t worry I have listed down a few reasons and the fixes that can be followed to avoid this error.

Make sure to read the whole post and apply these fixes to check out whether they work for you or not.

Reason 1: Having an Old IPTV App:

The first and the most common reason is having the old version of the IPTV app, when your app is loaded then it gets buggy and doesn’t work normally like it usually does.

Fix No. 1:

To fix this problem you have to make sure that the app is updated with the latest version,

Alternatively, you can use IPTV smarters Pro app or get the TiviMate.

Reason 2: Hardware Malfunction:

If your device is broken or is malfunctioned that this is also the reason why it is not loading the app properly and having issues when loading the content on the app.

Fix No. 2:

To check whether it is not your device please install the app on your Mobile or a different device. Then login with the same credentials and see if the blank screen still appears.

Reason 3: Check if the issue persists in other Content:

Sometimes this happens with the specific content instead of all content that we offer.

Fix No 3:

Go back to the Home Screen and then check out other streaming other Channels, Movies, or TV Series and see if the issue still exists there.

However, if other content is working fine but it’s happening with a specific category/channel then kindly contact us by whatsapp or by email.

Reason 4: Uninstall & Reinstall the app:

When continuously using the app it collects the thumbnails, titles, and other stuff in the form of caches which is also the reason behind the blank screen.

Fix No 4:

In order to fix this problem, you just need to Uninstall the application and then Re-install it, now you can use the same login details are then you will probably see the app is working better.